Monday, March 2, 2015

Visit Nidderdale and Brimham Rocks Of The Yorkshire Dales

We took two different buses and walked several miles to make our way from Leeds (our current home) into Nidderdale and Brimham Rocks of the Yorkshire Dales (Northern England). Making this trek in February was no easy feat. We battled a wind storm all day that graciously blew the clouds away and allowed for some sunshine, but kept our noses and fingers freezing from the negative temps. This day trip was to celebrate Ryan's birthday! The perfect excuse to get out into nature, climb some rather large rocks, and gorge on a homemade picnic complete with English cider.
1. Start your journey by taking a bus or car from Harrogate toward the Yorkshire Dales. You will find many villages to stop in. You can either walk from the closest village as we did or drive up the steep hill to get to Brimham Rocks.
2. Enjoy your view, be careful, and be sure to explore the countless formations!! If it's not too windy, have a picnic on some of the flat rocks. If it's too windy then find a rock shelter like below!

3. Once you're done exploring Brimham Rocks, take a local bus which rides every hour or hop in your car for the winding 3 mile drive into the village of Nidderdale. Quaint, cute, and majestic all at the same time! They are also home to the oldest sweets shop in England!
Before leaving Nidderdale village, take the panoramic walk to get an incredible view of the dale!
Marrakech coming soon!

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